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Using ViviComb

How to use ViviComb laser comb?

To start the device, hold down the "power" button (located in the lower part of the device) for 2 seconds. The green light will turn on. Next, press the laser button located above. The red light will flash, which means that the device is ready for use. Place the laser flat on your scalp and start sliding it across the areas of the head to be treated. It is recommended to use ViviComb 3 times a week for 8-15 minutes a day.

Will I get better results, if I use ViviComb more often than 3 times a week?

We have observed, that using ViviComb laser 3 times a week is optimal. Using the device more than 3 times a week showed no additional improvement of the hair loss therapy.

How long will I have to continue using ViviComb in my hair loss therapy?

As it is well known, treating hair loss is a tedious process, because hair repeatedly goes through its “life cycle”. For this reason, it is recommended to use ViviComb continually to maintain positive results of the treatment. Skipping one or two days of the therapy will not reduce its effectiveness. It is important, however, not to stop using ViviComb laser comb after first positive effects are visible.

When will I achieve the first visible effects of ViviComb?

The first effects can be seen after only 8 weeks of the therapy. However, the results may vary with different people. Some people get the desired results after 10-16 weeks. We have also recorded the cases of satisfactory results achieved after more than 16 weeks. They were rare, though.

Can I use ViviComb laser together with other methods of anti hair loss treatment?

Absolutely. ViviComb laser comb works perfectly as an independent method of therapy, but combining treatments or supporting ViviComb with other anti hair loss products is allowed.

Do the results of ViviComb laser therapy depend on the patient's age?

Studies have shown that laser phototherapy is effective in people over 18 years of age. Younger people should consult a specialist doctor before using ViviComb.

Is ViviComb effective in treating hair loss in women?

Yes. Clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of ViviComb anti hair loss laser therapy in women. ViviComb received the FDA approval in that matter.

Can I use ViviComb, if had a hair transplant surgery in the past?

More and more transplant surgeons in the United States prescribe ViviComb after hair transplantation. Reports have shown that using ViviComb laser comb shortens the recovery time of transplant patients, and also improves the appearance of the transplanted hair (it becomes thicker and healthier). It is also possible to remove the comb teeth, which allows the product’s immediate use after surgery.


What should I do if my ViviComb stopped working properly?

The device is covered by a 2-year money back guarantee. This guarantee applies to manufacturing defects and manufacturing errors. If within this period ViviComb stops working, let us know and we will give you instructions on how to return the product.

What should I do if my ViviComb stopped working and the warranty period has passed?

If the device stops working after the warranty period, please contact us in order to return the product. After checking and verifying the device, we can offer a paid repair or replacement.

What should I do if I ordered the product a few days ago, but I have not received it yet?

If this happens, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know about this fact by phone or e-mail, providing your name and the order number. We will then track your shipment. In busy periods when large orders are being processed, dispatch of the product may be delayed.

Price and Payment

How much does ViviComb laser comb cost?

Total price of ViviComb is £510.00. ViviComb does not require any additional elements that would improve its operation. Thus, you do not have to pay any extra cost.

How can I place an order?

Order may be placed using the "Order Now" feature.


Is ViviComb safe for my hair?

Clinical studies showed that there had been no serious side effects of using ViviComb laser therapy.

Is there a risk that after using ViviComb my hair will start falling out?

Very few people observed an initial increase in loss of individual hair when they first used ViviComb. This is actually a good sign. You must know that the hair is under constant life cycle. In the anagen phase hair grows actively; catagen is a resting phase, while during the telogen phase hair starts to fall out and new hair forms in its place. In every human, about 10% of hair is in the catagen phase. ViviComb stimulates hair follicles in the anagen phase and as a result stimulates new hair growth. These new, stronger hair will push out some hair in the resting phase, so that new strong and healthy hair grows in this place. It has been observed that only single hair in the catagen phase, could initially fall out in this small group of people.

Has ViviComb laser comb really helped people who have been using it?

ViviComb has helped hundreds of men and women who decided to use this device. We have recorded 93% satisfaction rate among customers, who really improved their hair condition using the device.