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How ViviComb works

ViviComb action focuses primarily on creating conditions for the development of hair follicles, inhibiting hair loss and ensuring the comfort of the skin on the head. Laser Comb effectively affects cells, increases the metabolism and cellular activity, creates the energy needed to revive weakened hair bulbs.

The system overcoming the barrier and allowing the free flow of light

ViviComb was designed to utilize the full potential of Low Level Laser Light Technology (LLLT) used in the device.

According to this principle, the device is equipped with a mechanism focusing the light beam in the comb teeth. Thanks to their design, comb teeth split hair in such a way, as to enable the laser to directly reach the skin on the head, where the rays are transmitted deep the skin cells. This technological solution is the most effective as the laser light does not have to break through the barriers formed by wisps of hair in its path.

The difference between a laser comb and a regular laser is visible in photographs depicting ViviComb in action. A laser not equipped with hair splitting mechanism is less effective, because the energy of light is partially blocked by hair. It should also be remembered that the best results of a laser therapy are achieved when the light beams are unobstructed. Otherwise, as much as 90% of laser light can be blocked. Fortunately, the system of teeth used in ViviComb prevents the blocking of light.

Changing hair life cycle

Another feature worth paying attention to when discussing the mechanism of ViviComb is its significant impact on hair life cycle. ViviComb causes the induction of anagen - the phase of active hair growth, in which the nucleus begins to grow from the hair follicle. In people not having problems with baldness, about 80% of hair is in the anagen phase. That is why the action of ViviComb laser is so significant as it makes the hair enter this phase.

Active hair growth phase (anagen)

Active hair growth phase (anagen) In the anagen phase, hair grows 1.3 cm per month. ViviComb provides energy to produce healthy hair and accelerates its growth.

Resting phase (telogen)

Resting phase (telogen)In the telogen phase, hair is in its resting phase and stops growing. Sometimes hair falls out. ViviComb helps stimulate the growth of new hair. Sometimes, hair enters the telogen phase too quickly, which is the result of shortened active growth phase. Then a very unfavorable situation occurs, because long hair begins to transform into vellus hair, which leads to its progressive miniaturization.

Vellus hair becomes thinner and weaker, falls out more easily

Vellus hair becomes thinner and weaker, falls out more easily ViviComb reverses the process of hair miniaturization, stimulates its growth, and also makes it stronger and thicker.

In order for the laser therapy to be effective, it is important to properly use ViviComb laser. An 8-minute treatment during the day is enough and it should be repeated 3-4 times a week. When the device is used in such a manner, satisfactory results can be expected after 2 months while the full effects will be visible after 3 months of treatment.