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LLLT - Low Level Laser Technology

The effectiveness of ViviComb lies in its breakthrough laser technology, which is now used to treat many diseases, including skin problems.

LLLT (Low Level Laser Technology) uses the laser beam of low power and medium wavelength of light. ViviComb produces 12 such beams, which together create a coherent and condensed light, visible in the red part of the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation. Light easily passes through the layers of skin, reaching the source of the problem and initiating the process of self healing. This process, initiated by the laser, is completely safe and causes no side effects.

Studies have shown that this type of light has a nourishing and regenerative effect on cells and regulates numerous intracellular processes. This translates directly into the process of hair follicle reconstruction and in consequence leads to activating hair growth. Thanks to the use of low level laser, the light has a biostimulating effect on cells by causing a positive reaction in tissues to which the laser light is applied.

LLLT technology used in ViviComb

Laser light and the production of ATP

The results of many studies on the effects of low level laser used in ViviComb have shown that it initiates the biochemical processes that cause increased production of cellular ATP.

ATP is the compound responsible for transporting the energy inside of the cells. It is thanks to ATP, among other compounds, that the body can draw energy needed for life. The boost in the production of ATP causes individual cells to increase their activity. The metabolic process gets initiated as well.

LLLT technology used in ViviComb leads to the stimulation of hair follicles also by increasing blood flow and circulation in the skin on the head. Thanks to this increased flow, blood can carry important nutrients to hair roots more quickly. As a result, hair follicles receive the building blocks and energy needed to transform a weak hair bulb into a healthy and strong one, capable of rapid growth, which in turn results in beautiful and thick hair.