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What is ViviComb?

ViviComb is:

  • A proven way to increase hair growth.
  • An effective device fighting hair loss without causing side effects.
  • An innovative technology based on the low level laser beam action.
  • 93% of satisfied users.
  • High effectiveness and safety.

ViviComb is a rescue for your hair!

ViviComb is an innovative laser comb whose design is based on the revolutionary LLLT technology. Its primary purpose is to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair follicles to grow. Thus, the machine works comprehensively, both as a suppressant as well as an activator of particular cells of the skin on the head. What distinguishes this revolutionary laser comb is its unique effectiveness and safety. Studies have shown that over 90% of people using ViviComb reported marked improvement in the condition of their hair, which has become thicker and its number has grown significantly.

The secret of ViviComb’s effectiveness is the action of the low level laser beam (LLLT), which supplies energy to the skin in the form of photons of light. The light passing through consecutive layers of skin acts as a stimulant that initiates the healing process of the cells.

Based on the results of numerous studies conducted on people suffering from hair loss, it has been proven that balding negatively affects their mood and psyche. Hair loss looms large in our minds and often causes apathy or nervousness. This is unhealthy both for us and people around us. It is important to realize that this problem can be successfully solved. People suffering from excessive hair loss can now see light at the end of the tunnel. ViviComb revolutionized the hair care products market, making the problem of baldness a choice rather than the inevitable reality.

Proven performance, real effects, reliable research

ViviComb - proven performance, real effects ViviComb has been approved by FDA as a device effectively inhibiting hair loss. In addition, the use of this innovative laser comb has shown no side effects. This means that ViviComb is 100% safe for your skin!

As many as 93% of ViviComb users were satisfied with the effects of this innovative product. Its effectiveness has been supported by clinical studies and opinions of users who have achieved satisfactory results after only 8 weeks of use! It turned out that ViviComb not only inhibited the process of balding and had a stimulating effect on hair follicles, but also improved the overall health of the skin on the head.

Until now, the laser technology employed in ViviComb has been used only at beauty salons and specialist clinics. Today, this technology is available for home use! Using ViviComb not only saves money, but gives you the convenience of not having to leave home to undergo a treatment.